How to Clean Your Room in 10 Minutes


Cleaning your room doesn't have to take a whole day. Simply read on, and follow these steps!

Most people hate to clean their room. It is simply not fun! And it's time consuming. Although you might hate it, but cleaning your room is a duty that must be done on a daily or weekly basis. People clean for different reasons, sometime you have to be ready for that special visit, or dust allergies are attacking etc. No matter what the reason for your cleaning is, The steps giving below can apply to any of your particular purpose.

What You Need to Start

To clean your room you will need:

A cobweb duster
A large broom / mop / vacuum.
A plastic garbage bag.
A spray bottle
A step stool (optional)
Microfiber rags / paper towel
Glass cleaning
Furniture / wood cleaner
Air Freshener
Bucket of hot water


1) Open the windows

2) Put away your dirty belonging 

3) Remove cobweb and dust surface

4) Make your bed

5) Clean the floor

You are all done!